“We inspire people through shared travel experiences.”

What We Do

Here at Carib-World Travel, we don’t just focus on what we do – but WHY we do it.  We believe in the power of inspired and shared experiences and we know that one of our clients’ primary goals is to inspire people.

Throughout our 45-year history as a travel agency and destination management industry leader, we’ve worked hard to do exactly that. We know that shared experiences create the opportunity to both inspire and to be inspired and we know that inspired people drives organisational success.

Our commitment is to continually strive for excellence in delivering quality service in a highly processional and friendly manner.

Our Services

From your concept to reality, our services and events are designed to meet your creative, motivational and budgetary needs.

Special Events

Venue Selection and Procurement

Creative Theme Events

Theme Design


Lighting and Sound

Restaurant and Venue Buy-outs

Photography and Video Production

AV Services


Sailing Regattas


Jeep Tours

Sporting Events


Golf Tournaments

Hands-on Culinary Classes


Sightseeing Excursions

Photo Tours

Museum and Art Tours

Shopping Excursions

Rum Tasting Tours

Spouse and Guest Activities


Beach Games/Olympics

Scavenger Hunts

Challenge Courses

Boot Camp

Custom Designed Events


Beach Cleanup

School Mentoring

School Repainting

Charity Drives

Custom Designed Events


Airport Transfers

Meet & Greet

VIP Arrangements

Shuttle Services

Group & Special Event Transfers

Site Inspections